A crossover is a short subassembly part used to connect the same or different thread types or sizes of tubing. In many wells, sour mixtures of CO2, H2O and sand are present which create corrosion, erosion and wear issues. Uncoated crossovers typically have a short life span in this environment especially if they are in contact with reciprocating sucker rods. When the crossover fails, the well requires a workover to replace the crossover. While the cost of the component replacement is relevant, the greater revenue loss is from pulling tubing and not producing oil.

Crossovers used in wells that are protected by C4E coatings against corrosion, erosion and wear will significantly increase the lifetime of the components. This mitigates expensive downtime of the wells caused by part failures.

C4E coatings are being used on the internal and external surfaces of many other downhole parts that require a coating to protect against corrosion, erosion and wear.

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