Cylinder liner

C4E has developed and build a high volume batch machine dedicated to cylinder liners and engine blocks. Batch size is up to 6 liners and capacity up to 40 liners per hour. No pretreatment of the liners other than cleaning is required. Typical coating thickness is in the range of 6-12 µm meeting highest uniformity requirements. Coating thickness variation is smaller than 1 µm and chemical variation is less than 1 %.

C4E’s coating is conformal following the honing marks accurately and there are no further process steps required after the DLC coating. C4E’s DLC coating process can be added to existing liner production without any change of the production flow.

C4E’s high volume machine is designed for liner sizes of trucks, mud pumps, etc.. Larger liners, e.g. for ship engines or heavy-duty applications, can be coated on C4E’s standard machines.