C4E Customized Coatings

Customized Coatings

While C4E’s advanced hard coatings offer enormous benefits in many applications, industry performance requirements may differ. Our off-the-shelf coatings can be finetuned, optimizing the high performance for application specific requirements. This may allow even faster deposition speeds or adding further benefits, e.g. non sticking behavior, further increased hardness, etc.. We work with clients to   d e v e  l o p    p r o p r i e t a r y   c o a t i n g   s o l u t i o n s    f o r    t h e i r    u n i q u e    n e e d s.

Another capability we have is to create multi-layer coatings of a variety of adhesion layers and wear resistant layers that improve the overall structural integrity of the coated surface.  In some applications, there are concerns that the expansion/contraction coefficients between the original substrate and subsequent coatings may be problematic.  Using a multi-layer structure, stress is reduced in the coating layers allowing for the substrate to “flex” to some degree without damaging the overall part integrity.