C4E PECVD and PVD coating technologies.


C4E´s unprecedented PECVD and PVD coating technologies provide hard coatings with high deposition speeds of several microns per minute shrinking process times significantly. Thick coatings up to 50 microns can be created much faster than with traditional PECVD or PVD systems. What took hours or days before is done within a few minutes now.

C4E unique coating technology can be applied on internal and external surfaces offering highest uniformity, reducing wear, halting erosion, blocking corrosion, minimizing friction and maximizing flow.

Our coating is an amorphous and stable, chemically-inert layer not reacting to acids and alkaline and is extremely durable under aggressive liquids or process gas exposure.

Optimized adhesion layers designed for virtually all substrates allow coating of a huge variety of materials even with the most complex shapes. Additionally temperature sensitive parts can be coated with a low temperature PECVD process.