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Broad Range of Applications

For External and Internal Coating of Components including Tubular Substrates

Alternative for other Hard Coatings

Superior Replacement for Hard Chrome and Thermal Spray

Complex Geometries

C4E’s coatings follow very smoothly and conformal on complex three dimensional geometries even bores


C4E unprecedented PECVD and PVD coating technologies provide hard coatings with high deposition speeds of several  ...


Our high-performance coatings serve a wide range of industries offering superior performance in a multitude of applications. Reducing ...

Customized Coatings

While C4E’s advanced hard coatings offer enormous benefits in many applications and industries requirements may differ ...

Oil & Gas

Corrosion blocking, superior erosion and wear resistance extend service life in extreme environments and continuous operation ...


The enterprise C4E offers both coatings services and turnkey solutions including the supply of complete products ...

Alternative for Hard Chrome

C4E coatings are an ideal replacement for hard chrome coatings offering excellent uniformity, a benign deposition process and better ...

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