C4E PECVD and PVD coating technologies.

About US

C4E is a reliable, innovative partner that designs and implements hard coating solutions that enable products to perform better. C4E’s proprietary deposition technology and equipment for hard coatings allows OEMs to coat components to reduce friction, wear, and corrosion. There are multiple applications in automotive, oil and gas, medical, aerospace, military, textiles, consumer electronics and machine tools that benefit from our technology.

Our environmentally friendly technology adds value to your products:

  • Low Friction
  • Extreme Hardness
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Blocking
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Bio Compatible
  • Excellent Uniformity

C4E understands your business and is partnering with multiple customers to help them grow and better compete in their industry with innovative solutions for hard coatings, including pre-treatment, cleaning and quality control.