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Broad Range of Applications

For External and Internal Coating of Components including Tubular Substrates

Alternative for other Hard Coatings

Superior Replacement for Hard Chrome and Thermal Spray

Complex Geometries

C4E’s coatings follow very smoothly and conformal on complex three dimensional geometries even bores

C4E Europe GmbH
Callenberger Str. 52
96450 Coburg
Phone: +49 9561 866-3500
E-Mail: info (at)

C4E North America, LLC        
2870 Wilderness Place
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: +1 (303) 630-1660
E-Mail: info (at)

C4E Representative for South America        
Rua Solimões 60
09930-570 Diadema S.P.
Phone: +55 (11) 4093-5555
Mobile: +55 (11) 99112 1800

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